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The Other Side of “Irish Eyes”

Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

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Memories from the PMO

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Two political memoirs

LRC Weekend

What a weekend! As part of a 2019 pilot project supported by Ontario Creates, LRC Weekend delivered a free glimpse into Canada’s book world and a roundup of literary news every other Saturday. Revisit twenty-plus lively snapshots here.

  • No. 22 – A Nightmare before Christmas
    Online shopping isn’t always convenient
    by Hattie Klotz
  • No. 21 – Have Poetry, Will Travel
    Bite-sized works delight Halifax commuters
    by Cheryl Bell
  • No. 20 – Backstage Pass
    Behind the scenes of a Zadie Smith reading
    by Rachna Raj Kaur
  • No. 19 – The Grass Is Greener
    A walk through Winnipeg’s urban forest
    by Jill Wilson
  • No. 18 – Ties That Bind
    A timeworn craft in a modern world
    by Kirsten Brassard
  • No. 17 – Riding the Fourth Wave
    Sally Armstrong shifts the conversation
    by Alexander Sallas
  • No. 16 – Trivial Pursuits
    Readers in Calgary get stumped
    by Jess Nicol
  • No. 15 – The Bookless Library
    Grand spaces by the river
    by Omar Khafagy
  • No. 14 – Water Feature
    A festival on the Northumberland Shore turns twenty
    by Cheryl Bell
  • No. 13 – The Write Stuff
    Elevating one’s craft in Banff
    by Matthew J. Trafford
  • No. 12 – Rock on a Roll
    Newfoundland and Labrador dominate the Atlantic Book Awards
    by Brad Dunne
  • No. 11 – Books over Broadway
    A celebration of reading in Saskatoon
    by Grant Lawrence
  • No. 10 – Woman about Town
    A different kind of book launch from a different kind of politician
    by Sharon Engbrecht
  • No. 9 – The Book Bank
    Investing in children’s literacy
    by Bronwyn Drainie
  • No. 8 – Fighting Words
    For sports fans, ECW means more than Extreme Championship Wrestling
    by Scott Letkeman
  • No. 7 – Booked for the Day
    Celebrating literary independence
    by Alexander Sallas
  • No. 6 – A Book without a Home
    Writing about China was the easy part
    by Tom Hawthorn
  • No. 5 – Writer’s Block
    Recording a nation’s stories in stone
    by Hattie Klotz
  • No. 4 – Print Run
    A young writer from PEI races into publishing
    by Kyle Wyatt
  • No. 3 – The Lunchtime Club
    Unpacking Split Tooth in Yellowknife
    by Tanya Roach
  • No. 2 – A Night in Words
    Going beyond Sam McGee at the Whitehorse Literary Pub Crawl
    by Amy Kenny
  • No. 1 – A Seat at the Launch
    On babies, seniors, and planning for the crash
    by Elaine Anselmi

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