J. S. Porter

LRC Contributor

J.S. Porter is the author of Spirit Book Word: An Inquiry into Literature and Spirituality (Novalis, 2001). His Thomas Merton: Hermit at the Heart of Things will be published by Novalis in May 2008.

Articles by J. S. Porter

  • Shadowy Short Stories (April 2005)
    A review of Any Day But This, by Kristjana Gunnars
  • The Saintly Muse (October 2005)
    A review of Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers and Allan Greer’s Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits
  • A Canadian Visionary (December 2007)
    A review of George Grant: A Guide to His Thought, by Hugh Donald Forbes
  • Book Lover’s Paradise (March 2007)
    A review of The Library at Night, by Alberto Manguel
  • A Little Taste of Canadian Philosophy (October 2006)
    A review of In the Agora: The Public Face of Canadian Philosophy, edited by Andrew D. Irvine and John S. Russell