Graham Harley

LRC Contributor

Graham Harley taught English literature in Scottish, American and Canadian universities before founding the Phoenix Theatre in Toronto. He is an actor and theatre director.

Articles by Graham Harley

  • Strutting and Fretting (October 2004)
    A review of Greg Kramer’s Wally  and Trevor Cole’s Norman Bray in the Performance of his Life
  • A Strange and Evocation Quest (May 2005)
    A review of Summat Else, by Royston Tester
  • Live at the Crest (September 2005)
    A review of Glass Cage: The Crest Theatre Story, by Paul Illidge
  • Sentimental Journey from Hell (April 2008)
    A review of Finding Home, by Eric Wright
  • Blazing Literati (September 2007)
    A review of Shelf Monkey, by Corey Redekop
  • Astronomical Talent (June 2006)
    A review of Fabrizio’s Return, by Mark Frutkin