John Doyle

LRC Contributor

John Doyle is the television critic for The Globe and Mail and has covered two World Cup tournaments and one European championship for the paper. His book Beautiful Game: Travels in Search of Soccer’s Small Wars and Big Peace will be published by Doubleday Canada in 2010.

Articles by John Doyle

  • A Legend Brought to Life (October 2005)
    A review of Charles Foran’s Carolan’s Farewell
  • Science Fights Back (June 2011)
    A review of Media Mediocrity-Waging War Against Science: How the Television Makes Us Stoopid!, by Richard Zurawski
  • “Joga Bonito” (June 2008)
    A review of Alan Twigg’s Full-Time: A Soccer Story
  • TV “R” Us (July–August 2006)
    A review of Two Aspirins and a Comedy: How Television Can Enhance Health and Society, by Metta Spencer