John Gray

LRC Contributor

John Gray has written for a number of newspapers, most recently The Globe and Mail, for which he was Ottawa bureau chief, national editor, foreign editor, foreign correspondent and national correspondent. He is the author of Paul Martin: The Power of Ambition (Key Porter, 2003).

Articles by John Gray

  • Ottawa’s Boy Scout (September 2005)
    A review of Stephen Harper and the Future of Canada, by William Johnson
  • A Thoughtful But Conflicted Analyst (December 2005)
    A review of John Ibbitson’s The Polite Revolution: Perfecting the National Dream
  • Angry Mr. Nice Guy (November 2008)
    A review of Hell or High Water: My Life In and Out of Politics, by Paul Martin
  • What Makes Eddie Run? (October 2006)
    A review of The Way It Works: Inside Ottawa, by Eddie Goldenberg