Mark Lovewell

LRC Contributor

Mark Lovewell has held various senior roles at Ryerson University. He is also one of the magazine’s contributing editors.

Articles by Mark Lovewell

  • Royal Descent (March 2021)
    Rideau Hall is brought down to earth
  • The Fire and Brimstone Next Time (January–February 2019)
    We deal with the reality of evil by thinking of ways that sinners are punished
  • Voices from the Wilderness (April 2004)
    A review of Ancient Mariner: The Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne, The Sailor Who Walked to the Arctic Ocean, by Ken McGoogan, and Epic Wanderer: David Thompson and the Mapping of the Canadian West, by D’Arcy Jenish.
  • Latin Graces (May 2016)
    A review of A Meeting of Minds: The Massey College Story, by Judith Skelton Grant
  • Classical Canada (March 2015)
    A review of Republicanism and Responsible Government: The Shaping of Democracy in Australia and Canada, by Benjamin T. Jones
  • Canada’s Yankee Railroad Czar (October 2004)
    A review of From Telegrapher to Titan: The Life of William C. Van Horne, by Valerie Knowles
  • Allure of the Ice Floes (January–February 2005)
    A review of The Man Who Mapped the Arctic: The Intrepid Life of George Back, Franklin’s Lieutenant, by Peter Steele, and The Last Imaginary Place: A Human History of the Arctic World, by Robert McGhee
  • Magicians and Mystics (April 2005)
    A review of The Last Heathen: Encounters with Ghosts and Ancestors in Melanesia, by Charles Montgomery
  • Substance over Sex Appeal (June 2005)
    A review of Two Percent Target: Canadian Monetary Policy Since 1991, by David E.W. Laidler and William B.P. Robson
  • Harder Than It Looks (July–August 2005)
    A review of Royal Canadian Jihad, by Patrick Grady, Earthbaby, by Peter Such, and Water Inc., by Varda Burstyn
  • He Daunts Us Still (November 2013)
    A review of The Truth about Trudeau, by Bob Plamondon
  • As Others See Us (July–August 2012)
    Glimpses of Canada through other literary eyes
  • The Inconvenient Crown (June 2012)
    Two new books defend the uneasy state of the monarchy in Canada
  • Made in Canada? (May 2011)
    A review of Jean Monnet and Canada: Early Travels and the Idea of European Unity, by Trygve Ugland
  • From Wedding Cake to Music Garden (October 2010)
    A review of Creating Memory: A Guide to Outdoor Public Sculpture in Toronto, by John Warkentin
  • Dangerous Liaisons (June 2010)
    A review of The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation, by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile
  • Another City (September 2009)
    A review of Young Hunting: A Memoir, by Martin Hunter and The Great Adventure: 100 Years at the Arts and Letters Club, by Margaret McBurney
  • Frozen Moments (April 2009)
    A review of Encounters on the Passage: Inuit Meet the Explorers, by Dorothy Harley Eber, and Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures of Elisha Kent Kane, by Ken McGoogan.
  • Tales from the Frontier (May 2008)
    A review of Measuring Mother Earth: How Joe the Kid Became Tyrrell of the North, by Heather Robertson, and Dark Storm Moving West, by Barbara Belyea
  • Past as Prologue (April 2008)
    An online review of John W. Dean’s The Lost Massey Lectures: Recovered Classics from Five Great Thinkers – John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Goodman, Jane Jacobs, Eric W. Kierans, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The Young Englishman (November 2007)
    A review of God’s Mercies: Rivalry, Betrayal and the Dream of Discovery, by Douglas Hunter
  • Behind Brocade Curtains (January–February 2007)
    A review of Private Demons: The Tragic Personal Life of John A. Macdonald, by Patricia Phenix
  • Another Country (January–February 2006)
    A review of Ghost Empire: How the French Almost Conquered North America, by Philip Marchand
  • The Advantages of Union (September 2002)