Mark Lovewell

LRC Contributor

Mark Lovewell was a professor of economics and administrator at Ryerson University until his retirement in 2015. For the past year he served as interim editor of the LRC. Between 1977 and 1979 he was a resident junior fellow at Massey College.

Articles by Mark Lovewell

  • The Fire and Brimstone Next Time (January–February 2019)
    We deal with the reality of evil by thinking of ways that sinners are punished
  • Voices from the Wilderness (April 2004)
    A review of Ancient Mariner: The Amazing Adventures of Samuel Hearne, The Sailor Who Walked to the Arctic Ocean, by Ken McGoogan, and Epic Wanderer: David Thompson and the Mapping of the Canadian West, by D’Arcy Jenish.
  • Latin Graces (May 2016)
    A review of A Meeting of Minds: The Massey College Story, by Judith Skelton Grant
  • Classical Canada (March 2015)
    A review of Republicanism and Responsible Government: The Shaping of Democracy in Australia and Canada, by Benjamin T. Jones
  • Canada’s Yankee Railroad Czar (October 2004)
    A review of From Telegrapher to Titan: The Life of William C. Van Horne, by Valerie Knowles
  • Allure of the Ice Floes (January–February 2005)
    A review of The Man Who Mapped the Arctic: The Intrepid Life of George Back, Franklin’s Lieutenant, by Peter Steele, and The Last Imaginary Place: A Human History of the Arctic World, by Robert McGhee
  • Magicians and Mystics (April 2005)
    A review of The Last Heathen: Encounters with Ghosts and Ancestors in Melanesia, by Charles Montgomery
  • Substance over Sex Appeal (June 2005)
    A review of Two Percent Target: Canadian Monetary Policy Since 1991, by David E.W. Laidler and William B.P. Robson
  • Harder Than It Looks (July–August 2005)
    A review of Royal Canadian Jihad, by Patrick Grady, Earthbaby, by Peter Such, and Water Inc., by Varda Burstyn
  • He Daunts Us Still (November 2013)
    A review of The Truth about Trudeau, by Bob Plamondon
  • As Others See Us (July–August 2012)
    Glimpses of Canada through other literary eyes
  • The Inconvenient Crown (June 2012)
    A review of The Secret of the Crown: Canada’s Affair with Royalty, by John Fraser, and The Evolving Canadian Crown, edited by Jennifer Smith and D. Michael Jackson
  • Made in Canada? (May 2011)
    A review of Jean Monnet and Canada: Early Travels and the Idea of European Unity, by Trygve Ugland
  • From Wedding Cake to Music Garden (October 2010)
    A review of Creating Memory: A Guide to Outdoor Public Sculpture in Toronto, by John Warkentin
  • Dangerous Liaisons (June 2010)
    A review of The Canadian War on Queers: National Security as Sexual Regulation, by Gary Kinsman and Patrizia Gentile
  • Another City (September 2009)
    A review of Young Hunting: A Memoir, by Martin Hunter and The Great Adventure: 100 Years at the Arts and Letters Club, by Margaret McBurney
  • Frozen Moments (April 2009)
    A review of Encounters on the Passage: Inuit Meet the Explorers, by Dorothy Harley Eber, and Race to the Polar Sea: The Heroic Adventures of Elisha Kent Kane, by Ken McGoogan.
  • Tales from the Frontier (May 2008)
    A review of Measuring Mother Earth: How Joe the Kid Became Tyrrell of the North, by Heather Robertson, and Dark Storm Moving West, by Barbara Belyea
  • Past as Prologue (April 2008)
    An online review of John W. Dean’s The Lost Massey Lectures: Recovered Classics from Five Great Thinkers – John Kenneth Galbraith, Paul Goodman, Jane Jacobs, Eric W. Kierans, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The Young Englishman (November 2007)
    A review of God’s Mercies: Rivalry, Betrayal and the Dream of Discovery, by Douglas Hunter
  • Behind Brocade Curtains (January–February 2007)
    A review of Private Demons: The Tragic Personal Life of John A. Macdonald, by Patricia Phenix
  • Another Country (January–February 2006)
    A review of Ghost Empire: How the French Almost Conquered North America, by Philip Marchand
  • The Advantages of Union (September 2002)