Michael W. Higgins

LRC Contributor

Michael W. Higgins is a Basilian Distinguished Fellow of Contemporary Catholic Thought at the University of Toronto’s St. Michael’s College.

Articles by Michael W. Higgins

  • Moral Whirligig (June 2023)
    A David Adams Richards mosaic
  • Finding Illich (May 2022)
    David Cayley’s labour of love
  • Complicated Ties (June 2020)
    Jean Vanier and the United Church
  • Without a Prayer (December 2018)
    How Christianity is losing ground in Canada
  • Life in the Barrios (December 2015)
    A review of Rebel Priest in the Time of Tyrants: Mission to Haiti, Ecuador and Chile, by Claude Lacaille, translated from French by Casey Roberts
  • Sickness in the Church (October 2004)
    How will Rome minister to an institution debilitated by the sex abuse scandals?
  • Defender of the Church (May 2013)
    A review of Soldier of Christ: The Life of Pope Pius XII by Robert A. Ventresca
  • Humanist Conspiracy (December 2009)
    A review of A Sudden Terror: The Plot to Murder the Pope in Renaissance Rome, by Anthony F. D’Elia
  • Swiftian Wit and Zen Insight (November 2008)
    A review of Thomas Merton: Hermit at the Heart of Things, by J.S. Porter
  • In Weakness, Strength (May 2008)
    A review of Jean Vanier’s Our Life Together: A Memoir in Letters
  • Inside the Order (June 2007)
    A review of Seminary Boy: A Memoir, by John Cornwell, and The Greater Glory: Thirty-Seven Years with the Jesuits, by Stephen Casey