Norman Ravvin

LRC Contributor

Norman Ravvin’s recent novel is The Joyful Child (Gaspereau Press, 2011). Previous books include a story collection, Sex, Skyscrapers and Standard Yiddish (Paperplates Books, 1997), and a volume of essays entitled A House of Words: Jewish Writing, Identity and Memory (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1997). He lives in Montreal.

Articles by Norman Ravvin

  • A Refusenik Returns (January–February 2015)
    A review of The Betrayers, by David Bezmozgis
  • Contrasting Views of Darkness (September 2005)
    A review of Contemporary Antisemitism: Canada and the World, edited by Derek J. Penslar, Michael R. Marrus and Janice Gross Stein, and Aftershock: Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism, by David Matas
  • A Troubling Parable for Our Times (December 2005)
    A review of The Unyielding Clamour of the Night, by Neil Bissoondath
  • Trujillo’s Bottle Caps (June 2013)
    A review of The Iron Bridge by Anton Piatigorsky
  • Provocative Idealist (December 2010)
    A review of Mordecai: The Life & Times by Charles Foran.
  • Troubling Tactics (January–February 2010)
    A review of Michael R. Marrus’s Some Measure of Justice: The Holocaust Era Restitution Campaign of the 1990s
  • Homage or Hoax? (June 2009)
    A review of Anne Michaels’ The Winter Vault.
  • A Canadian at the Cabaret (June 2008)
    A review of I Still Have a Suitcase in Berlin, by Stephen Gerard Malone
  • Pop Goes the Apocalypse (March 2007)
    A review of Dead Man’s Float, by Nicholas Maes
  • Mort d’un vieux Québécois (December 2006)
    A review of Gil Courtemanche’s A Good Death